Thursday, August 7, 2008


One of the students jokingly asked what wild plans we had for this weekend. I just grinned and said that only my bed would tell. Snort! It would indeed! It would have to say that the alarm didn’t go off until Monday morning; no one would get out of it until after the sun came up; and it was often visited by two old sleepy grouches at intervals during any given day.

If we were to throw a wild party, only the cat would notice or mind. How in the world did we become so ordinary and stable? That’s STABLE, not stale. And it does not mean a place to keep horses or other long-eared beasts of burden. I prefer to think of us a steady, dependable, reliable. Somehow I suspect my students think of us as predictable, a little slow, and unnecessarily repetitious. Or maybe that last part is just because I hear them saying, “You mean we are going to talk about verbals again?”

Once upon a time a weekend meant time to do something unusual. It was crowded with things to DO. Now I think of weekends as a time to just BE. Be still, be quiet, be happy, be at home together….

Oh, we still get excited once in a while. Sutherland’s had a sale on storm doors. That was pretty exciting. We didn’t really feel like putting one up at the time, but it was really nice of them to put the doors on sale. We will let them keep the doors until we feel up to installing one. Then we will probably buy one after the sale is off. Rolling eyes.

Our youngest son’s dog is staying with us. He gets pretty excited sometimes. He is as tall as I am when he stands up, and if I take him out to sniff around, he jumps into the back of the pickup flatfooted from the ground. He really would like to go for a ride. It gets pretty hard to convince him that he doesn’t need to go anywhere. So far we have not had to leave him in the back of the truck more than a few minutes before he gives up. He seems to know when it is the weekend—he doesn’t give up as easily.

Isn’t it funny that we look forward so much to time away from work when we really don’t do much with our time when we aren’t working? Oh, the house and the yard get cleaned up or the vehicles washed and the oil changed. Somewhere in the past few years our perspective on time got a little warped. Maybe when we both “retire” we won’t even keep a clock, much less a calendar. Oh, but by that time we will have appointments with doctors or dentists or . . . but NOT on the weekends. Weekends will always be “free” for something . . .We are definitely going to have to develop some hobbies so we will have something to escape from on the weekends.

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You betdy funny rady. Me rike you arot.