Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pink on Pink

When the children were young, our daughter and her best friend were forever playing with makeup and fingernail polish like little girls will do. Older brother wouldn’t have anything to do with that “girl stuff.” But the youngest son found himself being used somewhat like a rag doll or an extra large stuffed animal. One day we saw him come out of the back room shaking his head. Before he went to wash off his face, he came in to show us the latest creation. He had these huge black eyebrows that went all the way across his face, a mustache, sideburns, and Elvis hair (blonde, however). I don’t know what the girls used to make his hair stick back that way, but it took two shampoos to get it out. And he had a faint mustache and a large line across his face for a couple of days.

The girls both grew up to learn how to use makeup in moderation. And now there is another little girl in the house. Her Paw Paw has never been used as a guinea pig before, but he now has bright pink toe nails and light pink and bright pink striped fingernails. The stripes were managed by a base coat of light pink and then some blobs of darker pink over that. Some parts of his fingers were also pink well beyond the fingernails, but my guess is that she will get more accurate with that stuff as she ages. Meanwhile, Paw Paw found that fingernail polish washes off in the swimming pool—thank goodness!

A trip to Wally World saw a couple of old folks discovering an entire package of little fairy dolls and a cat coloring book. I don’t believe that such little cartons of fairies were available when our children were little, but I can guarantee the coloring books were not nearly as kid-friendly as this cat book was. And the best part was that the crayons were only 22 cents for a large box. That was especially nice after Harley B managed to eat most of an orange crayon before we caught him. He probably would have nibbled on a fairy, as well, but he was relegated to the office while a girl and her Paw Paw colored cat pictures and had fairy affairs going on.

The dog would not have been in the house at all, but the latest hurricane brought another driving rain up our direction along with the usual thunder and lightning. Harley looks as if he could eat a mailman for breakfast and spit out a water meter reader for lunch, but he is all looks and plenty of friendly licks. Even so, little girl has not yet discovered that he is the proud owner of ten more toe nails to polish pink. Poor Harley! And the cat just looks at her with one of those “don’t even THINK about it” stares. So far she has dressed OliverTwisted in a cute little dress, but I don’t think finger nail polish is ever going on those nasty claws of his. HE is the one who would be happy to attack the mailman. Now if a girl can just figure out how to paint whiskers . . .

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Carla said...

I am envisioning Oliver Twisted in a pink dress with pink toenails and pink whiskers. He does NOT look happy! LOL!