Monday, August 11, 2008

Revealed--for Real!

We have decided that of all the dumb laws that are written to regulate all the things in our lives, we might as well have one more. Don’t think I can’t see people shaking their heads at that idea! This is a good law—well, it would be worth some curiosity anyway.

Every time we take a drive down 287, we see trucks with weird looking bundles covered in great big tarps or whatever. And even the ones that are not covered are pretty mysterious. How about a big sign on each truck: Under the tarp—glass for windows, motor or generator for oil field, pipe bender for pipe line, tool and dies for manufacturing. And on those great big trucks that have the huge chunks of something, the labels should read: wind generator propellers, jet engines, Army personnel carrier, oil field generator and dog house, water tower pipes, cement barriers for highway construction. Yes, everything should be neatly labeled in letters large enough to be read from the opposite lane going down a four to six lane highway.

And then there are those wonderful “scientificized” books that claim to have the answers to every problem from indigestion to toe ginny. And the answers are nearly always in our kitchen cabinet! Ok, so bicarbonate of soda will kill cancer tumors and bladder cancer. And vinegar will get rid of . . .um, I forget what it will do now. But it has got to be something wonderful because so many people have been cured of something by it.

And have Hugh Downs and maybe Priscilla Presley to be the spokespersons for this book. It reminds me of Rodale books that always have a claim of cure or alleviation of symptoms for wood bores, mange, and vitamin deficiencies. Oh, and whatever we do, we have to stay away from eating polar bear livers to avoid vitamin A poisoning. Shucks, and I just had a real hankering for polar bear liver…YECK!

It would really be wonderful if we could find simple ideas to solve complex problems. And truly, those simple answers may be just a brain wave away. But someone will want to sell a book or some kind of chocolate covered berry before any answers are given away. It makes me wonder how much Louis Pasteur made from his ideas.

Someday my curiosity may be assuaged in some areas of life, but the big trucks will just keep on hauling strange bundles down the highway. And all those books with all those cures will sit on someone else’s library shelves. I will just have to be satisfied to live with my simple ideas and let someone else be concerned with the complex problems. I’m not sure I could handle all that revelation—or reading—at my age. Besides, it would just irritate me to find out that the answers were there and were for sale—and no one could have the answers without buying—and reading—the books—ALL of them.


Carla said...

OK, so all the answers are contained in one book. We are shipping the book all over the country. What should we put on the side of the truck? "The answer to life, the universe, and everything"?

The Daily Rant said...

Well of course I have to comment on this one since I'm a trucker! lol

Even *I* pass trucks and wonder what they are hauling, but being a flatbed driver, who often has a load that is tarped, I have to say that sometimes we don't WANT people to know what we're hauling.

We do a lot of military hauling, a lot of high profile or high dollar freight and the last thing you need is something following you or casing your load - and that DOES happen. Freight theft is a big problem in the industry and the less you talk about what you're hauling, the less chance you have for it happening to you.

Often, the truckers don't even tell each other what they are hauling - oh, you can ask, but don't be surprised if you get a vague answer. I have! lol

Oh - and I've written a guest post on my friend in Italy's blog - you might want to take a look at it. P & G might like it too!

Here's the link to it: