Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Latest in Olympic Events

I have seen some funny routines on ice and rodeo clowns around bulls, but this one on the balance beam is good enough to inspire some ideas for future Olympic contests. Let's see now--we already have synchronized sinking and double dip dunking, what else could we desire for spectator sports? We already have too many lip synching politicians and assorted "stars" out there with their mouths open wide as if to x-ray those non-existant spines. Well, how about an Olympic cat washing routine. Not how many cats one can wash within a given time, but how happy the cat is during the event would be the judging criteria. I just LOVE the expression on OliverTwisted's face when I give him a bath. Oh, another event--photographing the expressions on the cats' faces and on the "washers'" faces during and after the events. I can see this event being nationalized and made into a world series situation. After all, there would be plenty of blood and bodily injuries involved. Even referees would be in danger, depending on whether the cat got away from the holder.

Oh well, no one would ever pay for the commercials to see these events. I can't see a Budweiser advertisement with a cat on the bar looking for another little sip of suds...

Maybe we can just enjoy the comedy routines that are already established for Olympic events. YouTube is wonderful. Enjoy!

Considering how much of the Olympics we've all watched, this balance beam routine is the best one yet.


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