Thursday, August 28, 2008

Giggles, Grins, and Goofballs

My students came in tonight with a case of giggles. One of the students had a bet going that I would not be able to remember her name. Well, that was an easy bet! But I enjoyed listening to them giggle. THEN I got an e-mail from our daughter's father-in-law. It had a link in it that led to a board thread about lost luggage--or, in this case, leggage.

My sister-in-law lost her luggage when she came home from Okinawa with her baby girl and her two-year-old son. Well, let me be sure that I got that clear--SHE didn't lose it. The airlines lost it for her. She flew all the way from Okinawa with a tiny baby, a little boy, a diaper bag, and her own little bag that she had all her papers, passports, etc., in. By the time she got to DFW, she was ready to collapse into her parents arms, but the baby was hungry and crying, the little boy was hungry, tired, and crying, and if I remember correctly, she may have been crying by that time as well. No luggage at DFW. No luggage EVER. Oh, they gave her some money to replace all the stuff she had lost. Whoopee big doo. Ever tried to keep a baby clean with a few dollar bills? They just don't make very good diapers.

I guess we have all lost something at sometime or other, but it really does take some sense of humor to be able to giggle about it. And that might depend on what a person lost. It seems some athlete was not allowed to take her fake leg on an airplane as a carry-on. You guessed it! The airport lost her leg and the people who made her leg for her were hard put to get one ready for the competition that she entered. It might be pretty difficult to trust an airline with your body parts after that kind of an experience.

I read some of the comments to my class tonight about the lady whose leg was sent all over the country by several different branches of different airlines--I know that sounds a little "different," but each airline has appendages--maybe that is why it was so easy for them to LOSE someone's appendage! Anyway, I sat there and read and giggled while my students were trying to do their work. Turn about fair play! Some things just have to be shared to be funny. Losing a leg to the airlines has got too many possibilities for funny. I followed that thread until it became toe jam and foot jokes--and then the original author wrote that two different airlines were attempting to get them to claim some more baggage. That's ONE way to clear out the lost and found! Oh boy!

One last thought--if we really wanted to lose something, could the airlines do it FOR us? I know a few illegal aliens we could drop off at the baggage check....and there is even a "boss" who could be gift wrapped before dropping him off....

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