Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Remodeling

A few years ago we started to replace a window and found dry rot. Oh boy, did that ever start something! We ended up three years and about seven thousand dollars later with a totally rebuilt house--except for ONE room and the hall. We STILL haven't finished that one--although we did install a new floor and a brand new window.

I thought we were getting pretty bad when we noticed that the folks at Sutherland's lumber yard started calling us by name. Still, it could be worse. Yes, really.

Here is WORSE:

Signs You've Gone Overboard with Home Improvements

You've built a drive-thru car wash in the second slot of your 2-car garage.

You'll use any excuse to add a new room onto the house, including needing more space for the newest addition to the family -- your daughter's goldfish Buffy.

Even Martha Stewart has deemed your multi-level, hydraulically-operated kitchen is “a bit overdone.”

You've converted the standard stall shower into a “bathing waterfall,” complete with tropical plants.

Your rear-projection, surround-sound TV room can comfortably seat 43, and you're trying to make arrangements with Universal for first run films.

Your dog has a duplex doghouse out back, even though he sleeps in bed with you every night.

The local building department says you can't add a fourth floor to a house that was originally zoned as a single level dwelling.

You bought and demolished your next door neighbor's house to make room for an Olympic size swimming pool.

You've installed a small freight elevator going to your attic.

You've built an FAA-approved helipad on your roof.

No, we WILL get that room finished someday. But right now I need to rest. I think I may have sprained my finger on this computer.

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