Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whichever Way the Wind Blows

A plumber came to re-light my dad's hot water heater--before they discovered that a heating unit was fried--and as he blew into the front door of the house he responded to Dad's question about the volume of the wind outside: "The wind's blowin' so hard that there's white caps on the commode, Mr. P!"

Well, the wind is blowing like that again today.  Oldest grandson shot his new B-B gun and the B-B came back to hit his hand.  Now normally that would be considered a richochet, but Paw Paw told him that the wind was blowing so hard that it threw the B-B back at him.  

A bit ago I heard a strange sound outside.  When I looked outside, three dogs were trying to bark and the wind was blowing their barks right back at them.  Poor critters.  They were so confused. That was not the end of the confusion; the lake looked funny--well, funnier than usual.  It was broken into sections and folded back over itself so that the ducks and cranes would fall plum off one side and down another before bobbing up and falling all over again.  It could make a person seasick just watching those poor birds.

The only thing that makes this weather tolerable is the warmth of the wind blowing in from Amarillo.  Someone up there must have been talking up a storm for us to get all this warm air.  But whichever way the wind blows today, tomorrow will be different for sure.  This is, after all, Texas.

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Carla said...

The wind must have left the warmth somewhere in Nebraska; by the time it got to Indiana, it was cold! Yesterday was so warm that I thought about opening the sun roof on the car. Not today!

Just so the wind doesn't blow the "merry" out of Christmas or the "happy" out of the New Year, we'll be OK.