Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where Never Is Heard

Ok.  The moon and earth and a couple of planets are lined up and dumping out their presence into the atmosphere—and then moving on in the course of the heavens.  And I have to tell you, it is really strange.  Yes, I know; strange things happen every day.  In fact, the best liar around could not make up some of the strange things that really happen to real people in this world.

Each day this week, some discouraging words filtered over the Internet or the TV to add to the already bleak economic outlook.  The people who try to sell scrap metal can’t even sell metal because no end products are being sold.  Not only is recycling not paying—neither is producing nice big cars, according to the Big Three in Detroit.  Those who don’t have jobs don’t buy anything beyond basic necessities.  When no one buys products, businesses lay off or let employees go—no matter the consequences.

Just to add a note of ironic humor—one company decided to lay off several thousand workers—both full-time and part-time employees.  The company also intended to adjust the wages downward of all remaining employees.  Only one glitch changed their plans:  the computers which needed to be adjusted for the financial changes only ‘spoke’ COBALT—and the only employees who were capable of ‘speaking’ that language had already been laid off.

Americans are caught between possibilities and pragmatics.  Technology advances daily, yet more and more families lose the ability to touch the possible while dealing with the realistic.  No handouts of dairy products, peanut butter, and beans can make enough difference for those who want to work and can’t find a job.  Men, and some women, identify themselves with their work.  How is an unemployed America going to recognize itself?

Yes, things are strange when one’s child figuratively puts his hand on the parent’s shoulder and says, “God has always provided—not just for our needs, but even for some of the ‘wants.’  Just be patient.  It will be ok.”

Oh, for such an encouraging word for all those who have lost their jobs!

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