Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just for Fun!

Just for today, just for fun…how often does a day come and go and leaves that sense of accomplishment or pride in a job well done or even leaves the memory of the smiles or laughter created? Years ago my work schedule allowed only the Christmas break for surgery. At one of the local stores we found a Christmas nightshirt with striped stockings. On the shirt a straggly Santa sat astride one of the reindeer while making the comment, “Ho, ho, whatever.” The nurses got the idea and laughed with me.

With so many people out of jobs, it may be difficult for some to feel much of a sense of accomplishment. Not everyone gets a charge out of super neat closets or a tool box as clean as a lunch box. So….how do we ‘accomplish’ something? What about the things we all put off until ‘someday’ when we have time? Here it comes…..ORGANIZE your world!

Separate the family pictures so each child can have a copy. Give an album to each child as a present or as a happy surprise. Don’t forget to label so that the next generation will have a clue when memories fade.

Get those files in the filing cabinet whittled down to the necessary. Pitch what is out of date or otherwise useless. LABEL each file and put them in alphabetical order—remember? A, B, C…?

Oh look! The bookcases are full to overflowing. [Disregard the tacky comments from the collector of Mustang Magazine!] We’ve already given away the Encyclopedia Britannica in favor of Google, so don’t say we are afraid to give away books! Dictionaries do change, but just how many are necessary? And about Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales….in ‘ye olde English’ already!

Does everyone have a junk cabinet? Where else would one keep the shoe polish, duct tape, extra batteries, furniture polish, flea shampoo, and an extension cord or two? Maybe just a good cleaning and stacking would make this one look/feel better.

A friend suggested that we invite someone over to "inspect" the cabinets and under the sink just so we could feel our chests swell with pride. Now that sounds like a good party opener! A house cleaning party--but at MY house first! Fang can have friends over to help him clean tools and stack paint cans. The friends have to help get rid of stuff, however. My friend says that her guy just restacks stuff and won't throw things away. SO...we have a deal; she throws away MY stuff and I throw away HER stuff and neither of us takes home any more 'good stuff' to add to our collections. How much trouble could that possibly cause? Can you see this big evil grin?

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