Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Latest News

These young people that we love so dearly are each touching our lives and making us happy that they were the biggest part of our lives as they grew up. The daughter exclaimed in joy this evening when I gave her my latest news. The youngest son exclaimed, "Congratulations!" as if I had won a prize or something. The oldest son is probably studying and getting some rest. I am sure he will know what the others know by in the morning--and we will probably get a phone call from him wanting to know why he wasn't called already. I am HOPING that he is able to study. My news can wait until he has time to think about it.

Meanwhile I know that he is busy because his blog consisted of:

“Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity and oil, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off”

Lisa was kind enough to type up Hanan's latest, and I think that is going to be the main content of this blog tonight. Parts of it pretty well sum up how I feel about some things tonight. And then there are those among my friends who could say some of the same things about the "butt end of a pepper tree." A big grin has spread across my face when I think about Zachary's thoughts about my news. Yes, I love him too. Sweethearts and former students are always part of life. We just don't always know when the "former" is coming for us. So this is where the cowboy rides away.

Love for Paul
By Hanan J. Dickerson – 10/01/2008

Cigars and Beer
Cheap cigars and beer
A 4 by 6 view of the butt end of a pepper tree
Concrete, wood & stucco
A broken down bar-b-cue, no dog, no grass, no beauty
Old memories that are slowly fading
And now to my greatest despair, Paul Newman is gone
These are the days of change
When my heart can no longer rest easy
I have no cool hand pulled from the deck
For my eyes give away
Cold and gray, without a new sweater to hold me together
Fall might just take me away
Back to lonely visions of the past
When I tried to earn my love or drink it away
News of a dying nation
Old religious beliefs of rapture
A million pictures flashing through my mind as I try to sleep
And dream of something peaceful
So I can face the day like the man I’ve tried to become
I think of guilt when I think of God
I think of old pain when I think of love
I think of the time that has passed despite it all
And am thankful that I am still alive to search for a Cool Hand


Anonymous said...

Sorry Mom. People are praying for you guys.
On another note...I know some big guys that...uh..."work with people" in case you need them.
Say the word.

lakegraham said...

Yo Mrs. D.
I called u at your home #. I left a message.
I really hope he realizes that he needs u at the school and calls to hire u back.
I don't know any 'people', but I can use a bat if u need me to. :-)