Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Lighter Side

Whenever something gets too serious around this place, Fang has a way of finding something amusing to spring on me.  Today he told me that he had entered us in a contest that would allow us to go to London for five nights and six days and live the life of James Bond.  A small doubt flittered through my mind about his entering any contest, but then I thought about the “living like James Bond” part.  Seeing those hair-raising car chases always elevates my blood pressure, so I told him that he might not be able to even get me in a James Bond car, much less out on the wrong side of the road to drive.  He said I was not to worry; the only way we could accept a prize like that would be for James Bond to take naps in the afternoon.  Rolling my eyes and chuckling.

Later as we were driving on the street next to Harbor Freight, I pretended that the truck was attempting to pull over into the turn lane to go to his favorite tool store.  I really had to fight that steering wheel for just a bit there.  Yes, he laughed too.

Finally we had a phone call from the youngest son who got to hear how “his mother” was putting all these things in the storage room in her imagination.  Of course, this was the first time that I had heard that the weight machine was going in there.  Hmmm. 

The things we overhear sometimes are very enlightening.  Just wait until he finds out who is coming for dinner on Friday night!  Giggling and planning the shopping list for the weekend: popsicles, the essential macaroni and cheese, white bread, root beer, pickles, black olives, foot-long wieners....

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