Friday, September 19, 2008

Wonderful Weekends

Thursday night three different students invited me to go away for the weekend—and No, they weren’t TELLING me where to go! One suggested fishing as a relaxing get away. As much as I appreciated her offer, I don’t do worms, stinky fish, and chiggers. A good book and a shade tree out by the lake would be ok, however. Plenty of sun block, a cooler of tea, a picnic lunch….could anything be better?

Well, yes, something could be better. Two grandsons, a crazy dog, an old grandpaw who carries a nice sharp knife for whittling and making willow whistles, a good book, a shade tree, and a great big mug of tea. Golden Fried Chicken is not far away from a major lake and park, so why make a picnic lunch when it is easier to just let the best chicken frying business in town make it for us.

I hadn’t thought about going after the boys as being a restful way to spend the weekend, but we happily spent a little over an hour being entertained with boy tales coming back from Decatur where we met our daughter and exchanged free time for two full-time fellas who laugh, eat, make boy noises, and generally provide for an interesting weekend.

Tomorrow after the dew dries sufficiently, we will visit the canyon below a friend’s house. We will be armed with some kind of heavy sack, a hoe, and a heavy hammer. We are going geode hunting for the youngest boy. I just hope that we don’t manage to find any lovely rattlesnakes to make our weekend more memorable.

I have no idea why all the children in our family like rocks. Daughter, granddaughter, mother, and grandmother are all rock hounds. The grown men of the family just want the rocks to be in nice neat areas without grass. Can’t imagine why! Grandpaw did say he would saw a geode into two pieces or more so it shows the interior without losing the pretty crystal look. I think he likes the idea of using one of his noisier tools.

I grinned as I wrote that. We tease that this man has every tool known to man and Harbor Freight. His favorite piece of mail or e-mail is from Harbor Freight. Shaking head.

We only have one other project for the weekend. Oldest grandson missed a lesson in changing fractions into decimals. Lovely. I always despised math, but this weekend we will look up the lesson in my math book and do some fractions for a future business executive. One grandson does rocks; the other does origami and fractions. Nothing ever dull around here! Who knows! Maybe I will enjoy fractions this time.


Lance said...

You disabled the comments on your last entry, so I could not tell you how far my eyes rolled back and my head went slack like Homer does at the site of doughnuts.
Have fun at Jan's.

Carla said...

I have an image that seems like Norman Rockwell -- grandparents and kids finding geode after geode. I can see big eyes and hear an impressed "ooooo" as the geode splits in two. Have fun with it!