Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Team

Years ago a man got together a group of men whom he handpicked because he knew them well. HE knew them. They learned to know him. His actions, his words, his laughter, and even the way he walked helped those men know him. He was an authority but not an authority figure. His ego did not stick out in all directions, but he was a leader, nonetheless. He taught his group of men and made them his family. He shared his food, his thoughts, and his love with them.

The man who started the group trusted the men he had chosen to do what he expected of them. He told them that he would have to leave them to do things the way he had instructed them. The men could not begin to imagine doing without their teacher and friend. But the man died and the group of men went separate ways.

The purpose for those men was not finished, however. They did not continue to walk about together as a group, but they went home by twos not understanding what they needed to do next. Each man must have known in his heart of hearts that his life was not the same and no longer really belonged to himself. But not one of the men knew how to go forward without a leader. They had to wait to be told.

A leader: Someone who shares his thoughts, his love, and his sense of direction. A leader can be trusted to want and to know what is best for those whom he leads. In this world we will never have a perfect leader if we are looking among mankind. But our perfect leader is still there if we will listen and follow. He won’t be found in a place, in an organization, in a philosophy. Like the wind, some things are felt but not seen; like love, some things are known but not held.

Some of us must listen carefully to find our purpose or wait quietly until it is revealed. While we wait, we will share what we have of love, of understanding, of patience. That is the way of a leader.

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