Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit, Texit, and Other Leavings

Independently minded Texans have been watching the furor over Britain leaving the European Union, and some Texans believe that Texas would do well to leave the United States and its interference behind in a similar move. My personal feelings remain mixed at the idea of the lack of support given to Texas during our most difficult dealings with our southern border and the influx of illegal immigrants. But I would never want us to have to fight the Civil War all over again. I personally don't believe that we need a new world order that removes all boundaries--unless ALL boundaries include the ability to move safely back and forth across into Canada and Mexico and all points south. Mexico does not allow anyone into their country legally or otherwise. And their legal system is pretty dramatic--dead or deader. The government of that nation is as corrupt as--well, come to think of it, it is almost as corrupt as that in the U.S. We currently have gigantic corporations who have bought a few (or more) Congressmen/women to determine what kind of grains we can plant, what kind of labels on foods are allowed, what medications we are allowed, and even the mundane choices of where we can send our children for school. Somehow I feel the founding fathers would be shaking their heads and their fists in frustration and indignation.

An article posted on Facebook this morning submitted that the older generation of British folks had sold out the younger generation by voting to remove themselves from the EU. Surprisingly--to me, at least--Scotland almost unanimously voted to remain in the Union. Yet Scotland has already voted once about separating from the British. It seems likely that Scotland will have another referendum about a separation from the British Empire and possibly join the EU separately. This is like watching a court case of divorce with children! And now Northern Ireland may separate from the southern part as well. None of these maneuvers seem very productive to me, yet I can certainly understand that the English people want to determine their own manner of government and international support. Considering the troubles with the influx of Islamic refugees into London, how can anyone blame the Brits for refusing to allow Sharia law to be established in England the way it has been established in some of the other EU nations! Unlike the pistol-packing folks in Texas, the Brits are not allowed to play Cowboy and Terrorists.  

Finally, we have those who want to leave the U.S. (or transform it) and find the political Utopia that will allow all liberal-minded citizens to prevent any and all comments and actions that they might consider to be racist, bigoted, ill-conceived, or otherwise anti-liberal, anti-abortion, or anti-establishmentarian. I fully expect a sign to start going up soon in some places of employment (assuming jobs are still available): Conservatives need not apply. The liberals do not seem to realize that while conservatives are equally as forceful about their beliefs as liberals, it is the conservative nature to tell the truth established on real facts rather than on lies and media distortions. I am still considering--with frustrated derision--that medical mistakes kill more people than guns. Yet every time some terrorist goes into action and wipes out a group of people, all the gun-totin' NRA members are blamed for all violence.   

No, I don't think Texas needs to leave the union again. We will remain independently minded, no doubt, but the facts still remain that there is strength in numbers. I can appreciate Oklahoma even if I would not want to live there. ahem

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