Saturday, May 30, 2009

Forgetfulness…and that Other Stuff

Forgetfulness is not so bad.  In fact, it is actually pretty handy as a reason for not showing up somewhere or otherwise not doing whatever was expected.  Someone will ask me, “Don’t you remember that we wanted you to . . .?”  Well, the answer is usually no.  A deep sigh or a shrug of the shoulders just means that one of us is forgetful.


And then there is that hearing thing.  Sometimes people think that they have told someone something, when, in fact, they really just thought about it.  When we all become mind readers, we will probably have other problems—confusion comes to mind.  But when the person who sits in the chair across the room from us hears about half or less of what is said, well, that can cause some interesting situations.


“Why did you move the truck?”


“Didn’t you say you needed to move the truck so you could mow?”


“No, I said I will take the truck to be washed after I mow.”


Oh, life is definitely more interesting for the forgetful, the hard of hearing, and . . .what were those other things?


Robert Beard said...

I recently heard of a woman, pulled over from speeding, explaining to the officer that she had to speed in order to get where she was going before she forgot where it was.

npd said...

Oh no! That sounds similar to what happened to one of my friends: she was just driving down the highway when she suddenly realized that she had no idea where she was going or why--and worse still--had no idea where she had been before. But we wondered if maybe she had had a tiny little stroke with her high blood pressure. Scary! But to tell the truth, I have to THINK about which way to go even when I know where I want to go. Sigh.