Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blessings and Other Green Things


God loves us, and Fang is talented mechanically.  The tractor is up and running, and the clutch is better than ever.  The lawn tractor has a new tire, and it made a pretty good imitation of a hungry goat running over the grass.   If we could have cut. then raked, wind rowed, flipped the layers in the sun and then baled it, we could have made some mighty fine hay.  As it is, the forecast is for more rain.  Let ‘er rain.


Fang has the crud that someone in this family shared with him . . .The doctor had the nerve to accuse me!  Can’t imagine why!  But the dog is still fine, and the cat hasn’t even hacked up a hairball lately.  Maybe it was the dust bunnies.


Driving from here to Henrietta and back we noticed that the entire world looks a little like that artificial grass that goes in Easter baskets—shiny green!  The trees, the grass, the weeds, and even the older weeds that are semi-dry seem to be a bit greener. Green is such a happy, soothing color.  No wonder God gave us spring.


But then, God also gave us mosquitoes.  Why Noah let those critters on the ark is a wonder to me.  Maybe they were stowaways.  But the ladybugs are also out in full force.   When we let the dog out after we returned from Henrietta, the fence post was covered with ladybugs.  Maybe we have aphids or something.  We definitely have some special roses from Gurney’s out front.  Two blue roses have bloomed so far.  They don’t have as much of a fragrance as the yellow ones, but they are so pretty and so unusual.


This has been an unusual spring in several ways.  I think all the small field birds from Archer County have found our place.  And the same can be said for some places in Henrietta.  Dr. Wolfe said that all the black birds have found his dog’s food.   Yellow finches were in the treetops outside the Dr. Parkey’s office, and some kind of red and dark bird flew over our car and flashed his redness at us.  Fang stepped out on the front porch the other day and two finches flew out of the feed sack on the front porch.  We were a little slack about filling up the feeder apparently.


The youngest son called to ask about the tractor status.  I said we were still considering getting a goat.  Then he started laughing and reminded me that we would have the dog hanging out one side of the back window of the truck—and the goat hanging out the other side window.  Guess we will stick to mowing the grass.


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