Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smell That Wonderful . . .

One day this week we had a cloud of smoke out of Archer County that looked like a good fog rolling over the end of the lake and across the hospital grounds.  It didn’t take too long for the firefighters to put that one out, but it got a few structures before it was all over.  Today we heard that part of Archer County had to be evacuated when another fire roared through between Archer City and Lakeside City.  Now you talk about it being hard to breathe!  If those firefighters didn’t have some breathing apparatus, they should have.  We were sneezing, choking, and trying to keep our eyes from watering—and we are several miles from that fire.


We had made plans earlier to go pick up a grandson.  We were to meet the son-in-law in Decatur.  It was going to be late, and I already had an allergy headache, so I called the daughter back and asked if we could wait and get him tomorrow.  Boy!  I am glad we waited.  The highways were closed, the towns were being evacuated, and we might not have been able to get back home tonight until the smoke cleared.  Maybe that headache was a very real blessing.


Normally we get high winds just about any spring.  It is so dry these days that I just open the back door and change layers of dust.  Dad called and said that he and Mom were reminiscing about the dust bowl days when the dirt would fly right in at every crack and make little piles.  THEN Mom wiped the table off and got a good layer of dust this afternoon.  Later she took a wet rag to the west windows and got mud pies.  One thing about our weather—it’s entertaining.


It’s Easter weekend, and we will have the grandsons for a while.  I hope to explain to the youngest one what the egg symbolizes.  An empty egg means that what was once inside is now no longer held there.  Maybe he will listen long enough to understand that the last enemy was defeated 2000 years ago.  It is wonderful to have the excuse to teach the story that matters.  Yes, the birth was important—necessary to the rest of the scenario—but the best part is yet to come.  That is the story I will enjoy telling this weekend.


Blessings to one and all.

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