Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rain, Sleet, or Hail?

Not that I would ever gripe, mind you, but we actually got moisture today. Dad called and wanted to know if we got a good rain and sleet. I told him we got a decent rain and hail. When something the size of a pea hits the ground, bounces, and then sits there for a bit, it's hail. When it hits and splatters, its sleet.

In Texas it doesn't really matter what kind of moisture it is as long as it fills up the stock tanks and lakes. As it is, our lake is filled with water fowl and a foul odor. The morning breeze from across the lake would just about gag a maggot off a gut wagon. The golden algae bloom has killed off enough fish that the birds just sit there and eat their fill of floating fish right out in the middle of the lake. About the only time the birds aren't feasting in the middle of the lake is when the wind is up making chop fish suey out of the mess. And to think a humogous rain would take care of the entire situation! Can just imagine what the drainage ditch off the dam spillway is going to smell like if we ever get enough rain to see it go over the spillway again. Somebody down river is going to need a gas mask!

The pretty weather makes me want to go out and play in the dirt. Oh, I would put in some seeds too, but mostly I just like to play in the dirt. I don't think I ever plan to grow up. It's too much fun to do stuff like play in the dirt and walk in the rain. Besides, I am old enough now I can be a kid if I want to. So phtttt>> there!

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