Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Good Place to Check for Goodies

Recently some of my posts have been accepted by an e-zine:  

With a plethora of articles and links to medical references and support groups, SlightlyCreaky is a neat publication for even those of us who are not quite to the "creaky" stage of life.  I found a bean soup recipe that pleased even me--and I am not overly fond of beans of the dried variety.

Anyway, I invite any and all to enjoy some good reading.  Bill will tell readers about life in Colombia, SA, and Hal will explain the scams that all of us should be avoiding.  Sooner or later someone HAS to come up with a birding or gardening article each month.  I keep trying to grow things even in this dry old Texas soil, and the birds--cedar wax wings, flocks of cardinals, and purple finches by the bagful--just keep visiting us on this old hill.  Now if someone could just tell me the name of some of these blue flowers and that funny looking bug that shows up every year or so--and I am NOT talking about love bugs.  I don't care WHAT their real name might be.  I do NOT love them!

Come visit.  Come read:

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