Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Day Will Come

The Day Will Come

I knew—I knew the day would come
That you would leave me here alone
I knew—but I didn’t think
About the pain, the deep hurt
I would feel every day
At every turn

You left me with memories—good ones
And I realized at the time we lived
Together we made good loving
Good memories, good for us
Good for the grands
Even good for those who knew us

The waitresses come and hug my neck
The woman at McDs smiles twice—she knows
Even Mother remembers and talks of you
And Dad asks if all the machinery works well
Not that he could fix it—but he asks in your place
For you—he misses you, too

The house is quiet, too quiet—no squeaks
No footsteps down the hall
I only sit in your chair once in a while
But the cat and the dog still need
To be touched, reassured
They still need to be loved—like me

The day will come—I know it
My tears won’t happen as often
Or as unexpectedly—but the memories
I don’t want them to stop—ever
I still love you—always will

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