Monday, January 5, 2009

Computer Confusion

Ok, educated and computer literate person that I am, somehow I managed to mess up my computer, so Fang is allowing me to use his computer tonight. Today I received a laptop from the Census Bureau and discovered that I could be a criminal just for thinking thoughts or taking a nap without the proper forms [being only slightly silly here]. Tomorrow we learn how to USE the computer. Rolling eyes and wondering if it is possible to mess up one without even trying. If it is more complicated than a biscuit recipe, they may have to find a place to detoxify the thing after I am through with it.

Fang uses Firefox as his browser. I keep expecting to hear the sound of horns and hounds. As it is, I may have to call in Harley and have him lick the stuff off the screen to clean up the monitor. We bought a little bottle of screen cleaner (probably just Windex in a small bottle) and a tiny little cloth to go with it. I cleaned my monitor screen, but I haven't cleaned this one yet. Now I have no idea what we did with that little bottle and its little cloth. Obviously one of us was not overly concerned about cleaning the screens.

This morning the rain falling on my windshield was freezing faster than I could get it wiped off with the blades. It took almost two miles just to get a nice big spot cleared for a looking place. Yes, I know. It should have been cleared BEFORE I left home. Actually it WAS clear. I had turned on the wipers and cleared the windshield, but it started raining ice over near Highway 79 and my glass just wasn't warm enough for it to melt off. But it turned out to be a decent day simply because the wind didn't blow a gale.

Well, life gets more interesting every day. I had lunch with one of my former students today. She was an administrative computer person who graduated with a pretty high grade point average. She has not been able to get a permanent job since graduation. THEN she got a letter from the school congratulating her upon being hired as a medical assistant. WHOA there! Where did medical get mixed in with administrative assistant? We just sat and shook our heads. Oh well. No wonder the government can't get DNA from all the prisoners like they were supposed to do five years ago. At least one school can't tell the difference between a stethoscope and a computer program. Rolling eyes.

Tomorrow is another day. Maybe the wind will stay down and we can all enjoy another quiet day. I know the chickens out on the farm can't take much more of these high winds. Why one old hen laid the same egg three times during the last blow!


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